Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Story Updates - My Life at Thirty (18+) - Part 3

Our hostel is located at zanrab bustop which is just like 15mins journey to our school and N10 cab.

There is a roundabout when you walk down the street beside zanrab filling station and my house is the first house on the first street by the left.

It was a total relief moving all my belongings to the hostel, ismaeel came to pick me at the junction that very faithful evening as he led me home…Me: Salam aleikum waramotullahi wa barakatuhu (Peace be unto this house)Ismaeel: Wa aleikum salam my brother (Peace be unto you too)Me: Alhamdullilahi (I thank God) for journey mercyIsmaeel: Alhamdullilahi but this load is much fa Abdulrahman…how you take carryam nowMe: what will i do now when they packed everything for meIsmaeel: Its good sha..i remember my firsttime of coming to the hostel too……it was like they should pack all Offa for me to bring to schoolMe: That is serious……“Started unpacking my stuff”Me: Hope you have stove and cooking utensils at homeIsmaeel: Yes, i have some which i believe is okay…..ohhh, you even came with food stuffMe: Yes…Ismaeel: Ahhh…Garri re, Rice and spaghettiMe:That is the hand work of mumsy oooIsmaeel: Dried pepper, magi and salt are also included?Me: Abi now…at least we won’t be eating rice and all other things alone without their supplements.Ismaeel: That is good.Welcome to the house and Unilorin once again my brotherMe: Thanks broIsmaeel house was not a well too furnished house, but its normal for a student. There was a deck in the room which we used to play music, carpet was what was laid in the room and a 6 by 7 mattress was put on the floor, there was an hanger by the wall for cloth and a cupboard which food stuffs are kept.

Our house was a BQ behind the main building, the main building was a storey building and the up was occupied by the afamily man whom i was told resides in Abuja but do come home one weekend in a month and spend his annual holiday with his family here in Ilorin.

They had justtwo little kids together, A 3 year old boy and a year old baby.The other 3 bedroom flat was occupied by4 female student sharing the room one by one and the sitting room was also demarcated to make it four rooms. All the rooms in the house were ensuite while theperson that occupied the sitting make useof the outside toilet while they all shared the kitchen together.

There was only two BQ in the house and itwas done in a way whereby the toilet are separated from each other but we shared the same kitchen that was separated by a door from each room.

The two BQ was given to two guys so that the house wont be filled up with ladies alone for security purpose.

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