Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Beyonce twins were born premature

Queen of Music, Beyoncegave birth since last week Monday at a Hospitalin Los Angeles, But she hasn’t been dischargeddue to an issuetagged as “Minor”.

Now, it has been revealed by TMZ, that the “Minor Issue” is that her twins were born prematurely, and as such, they need to be monitored and kept “under the lights” for them to normalize.Usually, when babies are born with jaundice, they are kept under a photo-therapy light or under a sun lamp.

Babies with jaundice have elevated bilirubin levels and the lights under which these babies are kept are designed to lower bilirubin inthe blood to eliminate the jaundice.Exposing the baby to sunlight through a window also helps in lowering the bilirubin level as it is done in most cases in Nigeria.

Since the source from Beyonce’s camp told TMZ that the babies are being kept “under the light”, there’s a possibility that asides being born premature, they also have jaundice. This is a common issue among premature babies and is usually not serious.

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Bobrisky is ready to add another flesh to his butt, says he has already paid for the surgery

Popular male barbie, Bobrisky is back again and this time, he’s not throwing shade at no one, neither is he insulting anyone…The self-acclaimed King of snapchat,has declared his interest in undergoing butt implants.

He disclosed on his snapchat, that though he is scared of the process, but he has already paid half the money for the surgery.

He wrote;“You can imagine adding little more flest in that ass.. chai accident go just happen”.

In another post, he wrote;

“Going for this (butt implant) soon. I’m so scared and I don deposited half of the money”

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Zeeworld - Wednesday Update On Twist Of Fate Episode 440-401

Pragya getting Abhi’s message. She reads that the food is rottenand if she manages this way. Pragya replies that food was good, but might have rotten seeing his face. Abhi replies asking her to see her face in mirror.

Pragya replies that she don’t have time. Abhi messagesthat all useless people say this line. Pragya writes you are amongst the top most people in the world. Bulbul comes. Pragyaasks her to wait as important discussion is going on. Bulbul asks her to come. Abhi sends message saying where might bemogambo, he might be crying as he gave his name to her. Pragya gets angry. Bulbul asks her to come. Dadi comes. Bulbul tells her to take care of Pragya and be with her as she heard Abhi planning something funny for Pragya. Pragya is angry. Bulbul says Abhi is smartand asks Dadi to be with Pragya. She says she is going to torture her Purab.

She asks Dadi to take care of Pragya. Pragya asks what happened to you? Bulbul says I got a dream and asks her to accept her sayings. She asks them to come. She thinks it is good that she asked Dadi to be with her.Bulbul asks Purab to find a new way to surprise her. Purab tries to get intimate with her. Bulbul asks if he will force himself on his wife. Purab asks what she want to say? Bulbul says if anyone comes here. Purab saysI will not ask anything from you and looks at her lovingly. Aaliya gets jealous and teary eyes.Abhi argues with Pragya and asks how dare she to send adultmessage to him.

Pragya says she didn’t send. Abhi shows themessage to Payal. Ronnie says Pragya can’t send such message and reads I will kiss you message. Pragya is surprised and reads it. She saysshe meant to say she wants to kill him. Abhi says he will show the message to everyone present in the party and will tell media. Pragya threatens to file police complaint. They argue. Aaliya comes to Vijay and asks why he has not done work till now. Vijay asks if she has seen Pragya. Aaliya says she is talking happily. Vijay asks her tosee, and says just as she comesbeneath the Chandelier, it will fall on her. Aaliya likes the plan.Bulbul and Purab greet the guest. Bulbul thinks function is over and Pragya is saved now. She wonders how the attacker kept quiet and thinks to inform Pragya and Dadi. Just then she sees someone reflection. Aaliyaand Vijay hides.

Bulbul thinks it might be her fear. Aaliya burns the rope and goes from there. Bulbul sees the wire and tries toset off the fire. She runs towards Pragya, shouting at her to move away from the place. She pushes Pragya and gets injured as the chandelier falls on her body damaging her face. Everyone is shocked.They rush her to the hospital. Sarla asks Doctor to save her daughter and says she might bevery much hurt. Doctor tells them that they need to do her operation, asks her to have patience. Sarla cries and says she want to go inside. Dadi asksher to calm down. Sarla says if they don’t save my daughter then I will not leave them. Abhi tells her that he will not let anything happen to her.

Sarla cries feeling her pain and says she needs me. Pragya cries andgoes from there. Abhi asks her to pray to God. Pragya recalls Bulbul saving her and getting injured. Dadi comes to Pragya. Pragya hugs her and cries asking why this has happened to her sister. Dadi asks her to have trust on God. Pragya says that chandelier is about to fall on me, and she saved me. Dadi says it is done now, and says nobody can change the destiny.Pragya says I felt something wrong is going to happen, and that’s why got them married. She says she never wanted this reception but agreed anyhow. She asks if her love is so weak to lose everytime.

Dadi says love can’t be weak, it can be suppressed for time being. Pragya says I am become all alone, can’t go near my mum and tell that I am with her. Dadi says she will be with Sarla, and says it was an accident. Dadi says Bulbul is very courageous. Pragya hugs her and cries.Aaliya comes to hospital and asks Purab to say something. She says I will not let anything happen to Bulbul. Purab cries and says he want to see Bulbul. He says he kissed Bulbul forcibly and she got angry. He asks her to apologize to Bulbul on his behalf. Aaliya promises and asks him to hold on his tears. She says she will talk to her and hugs Purab. Everyone isshocked.Nurse asking Pragya to pay the bill and asks her to sign. Pragyasigns on the papers without checking the papers.

Nurse tellscan’t she see the papers and says it belongs to some other patient. Nurse argues with her. Pragya refuses to pay the bill forthe other patient. Abhi hears herand thinks she has refused to pay for Bulbul’s treatment. He says you are at top, but there is no limit of your fall down. He asks if she has locked humanityin locker. Pragya tries to tell, butAbhi doesn’t listen to her and asks what she knows, one is to earn money and to save it. He says you have refused to pay for Bulbul’s treatment and says he has heard with his ears. Pragya turns her face and says she didn’t say. She says she don’t want to explain anything to him. Abhi says I hate myself for loving your kind of woman. He asks her to be with Sarla andPurab. Pragya says when he don’t want to listen to her…then.Abhi says if I had any relation with you then I would have slapped you. He asks her not to spend any money on him if something happens to him.

He says I don’t believe on God, but you made me trust God. If ever there is God, then I will pray asking him to keep me far from you. I just want to remember myfuggi. Hamari Adhuri Kahani plays……………………Pragya looks on.

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Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Zeeworld Series - Tuesday Update On Twist Of Fate Episode 438-439

Abhi is watching TV and laughs.Pragya asks him to lower the volume. Abhi thinks he shall notmess with Pragya until he gets POA papers. Pragya gives him tablet and asks him to take it before sleep. Abhi thanks her. Pragya thanks him for supporting her and protecting her from getting insulted.

Abhi asks her not to thank him, and asks her to do a favor. He asks her to give all drawer keys to her. Pragya asks him not to worry and says she will not go anywhere. Pragya asks him to see the arrangements. Abhi says he will not look in the arrangements and says he will only eat medicine. Abhi thinks he wants to keep pragya busy and says lets see what I do tomorrow.Dadi asks Ronnie to bring fresh flowers. Mitali comes. Dadi asksher if she has done her work. Mitali says she forgot. Dadi asks Tai ji if she send the cards to guests. Tai ji says she will do it now. Dadi says it seems I have to do all the work.

Pragya is sitting on sofa and pretends to be reading magazine. Abhi thinks how to keep her busy so that he can do his work.Abhi comes to Dasi and tells herthat Pragya is reading magazineand making Dadi do all the work. He asks her to make Pragya do some work. Dasi comes to Pragya and asks if she is not having any shame. She says today is your sister’s reception. Pragya says I have done my work and gave money. Dasi stops everyone and says no one will work until Pragya works. Pragya says I thought to gift you freedom, but I think you don’t want that.

She asks Mitali to do the decoration again. Tanu tells Aaliya that Pragya might give them work also. Aaliya says I will not go and thinks he has to bring Vijay inside.........Abhi telling the workers to take out the almari fast else he will cut their money. He comes backto room. Pragya asks from where this voice is coming and goes inside.

She asks what theyare doing? Abhi takes her to room and says he is throwing the old cupboard to make way to new. He says he is not talkingabout her as her expiry date is not near. Pragya thinks this act is to get that papers and asks if he asked someone before buying new furniture. She asks him not to touch her cupboard and says there is something important inside. Abhi says he has many important things inside, and asks her not to argue else he will make her expiry nearer. The workers tell that the work is done.

Abhi gets the papers and is happy. Pragyathinks what to do as he got the papers. Abhi kisses on the papers. She says he got Alladin’s lamp and I have to do something before he makes useof it. Abhi comes back to room and thinks to hide the papers before Pragya returns. He hides the papers in the lamp and then hides beneath the blanket. Pragya peeps in the room. Abhi then makes a small hole inside bed and hides the papers. He thinks Pragya can’t find these papers. Pragya thinks she has to get the papers immediately.

Aaliya does her make up and thinks she is looking perfect. Tanu asks if you are getting ready for their reception. Aaliya says yes and says she is not having any problem. Tanu says Ican help you. Aaliya says I will do alone. Tanu says how you will fight with them all alone…Aaliya asks her to go.Purab makes Bulbul wear the pearls necklace. Aaliya comes to their room.

She gives a gift tothem from her side. She says I pray to God for your happiness. Bulbul takes the gift. Aaliya thanks them and smirks before leaving.

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Monday, 19 June 2017

BE SINCERE- How do you eat your chicken - LoL

I won't lie, mine is c

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Zeeworld - Monday Update On Twist Of Fate Episode 436-437

Abhi asking Pragya to give money for Purab and Bulbul’s grand reception. Pragya says she will not give money. Abhi says if she don’t give money then everyone of them will go on a hunger strike. Everyone backs Abhi, including Tanu. Abhi says I can be hungry to keep up my promise. Pragya gets tensed.

Later she asks Dadi, why did she agree for reception. Dadi says it was her idea and asks her to think aboutSarla. She says you should havetold yes to Abhi. Bulbul says there might be some reason behind her refusal. Purab says may be they would suspect her that she is spending money on her sister. Pragya thinks she can’t tell what Aaliya was about to do with Bulbul. She says Aaliya might think that they are teasing and celebrating happiness to make her jealous. She fears of Aaliya’s reaction and says the person who is withAaliya might do anything. Dadi asks her not to worry and asks her to sit.

She explains to her that if people stop driving vehicles with the fear of accident. She says it is safe to take precaution and asks her to say yes to Abhi. She says we shall celebrate the jashn so thatwe can tell our kids later. Dadi says Abhi is very much stubborn and will not eat food if you refuse. She asks her to say yes to Abhi.Aaliya comes to meet Vijay and asks where were you, I was waiting for you. Vijay says he came secretly saving himself from security and asks where is security? Aaliya says you didn’t do my work.

Vijay says I have done my work, but your brother saved her. Aaliya says Pragya might be dead by now, but still alive because of you, Vijay asks do you think that I will do the same work in that money. Aaliyasays I know you won’t do with that money. Vijay asks for double money from her. Aaliya says okay, and says you will get money after Pragya is killed andcremated.

Vijay agrees and says your friends should also not know about it. Aaliya says she also want to say the same thing that Tanu and Raj shall notknow about their deal. Vijay says he will kill her and people will think it is an accident.Abhi thinks Pragya has become stone hearted and is not reluctant to spend money on her sister’s reception.

He gets hungry, but makes himself understand that he has promised Dadi so can’t cheat her. He talks to Pragya’s toy andtakes out his anger on it. Pragyacomes and agrees to give money. Abhi says I don’t trust you and asks her to tell infront of all. He says if you want me to agree then come and tell outside. He comes out and callseveryone saying it is a good news. Mitali asks did you bring food? Abhi says hunger strike iscalled off.

Tanu asks how did it happen? Abhi asks Pragya to tell everyone that she is ready togive money. Pragya says I am ready to give money for reception so you all please havefood. Mitali and Tai ji say that they shall have food fast. Abhi says I am not done yet and asksPragya to apologize to him for insulting him and refusing to give money.Dadi asks him to leave the matter and says it is okay.

Abhi says she shall realize her mistake and should know how itfeels when someone decision isdismissed. Pragya says I am sorry that I had dismissed rockstar Abhi’s decision. Abhi says do you really saying sorry?He ends the strike. Aaliya thinksit is good that reception will happen, and she can keep eye on Purab, Bulbul and Pragya. Pragya comes infront of her andasks why she didn’t go for dinner. Aaliya says she is very much pained and don’t want to have food. She asks her to expose her infront of everyone, and asks her not to play mind games. She says you asked me to forget Purab, gave big lectures etc. She says I love Purab genuinely, and says I haven’t acted to love him or played with his feelings like you does with my brother.

Pragya says I don’t want reception to happen, but agreed for Abhi. Aaliya says nobody can see her pain and if something wrong happens then everyone will blame her. Tanu hears her. Aaliya asks her to do one favor and asks her not to take about Purab, leave her alone. Tanu thinks if Aaliya was acting or really crying.Aaliya comes to room angrily. Tanu asks if you was really crying. Aaliya asks what shall I do? Tanu asks her to cry infront of her and unburden her heart. Aaliya says I was just acting to cry so that Pragya shouldn’t suspect what is going to happen with her. Tanu asks what do you mean? Aaliya refuses to tell her anything and makes plan on how to murder Pragya.Abhi driving the car. Pragya asks Bulbul and Purab to take cheap outfits for their reception.

Bulbul says she will not look nice in cheap clothes. Abhi asksPragya not to take clothes instead and says she will look like a naagin. They argue. Abhi says mall have come. Pragya gives them one hour to shop. They get down the car. Abhi sees Vijay and thinks he is the one who had accused me. He follows him secretly, sees him going towards a car and talking to someone. Aaliya is inside the car. She gets shocked seeing Abhi. Abhi comes near the car and looks at Aaliya and Vijay. Aaliya signs Vijay to run. Vijay runs hitting Abhi on his forehead. Aaliya comes there and tells Abhi that she will take him to doctor.

Abhi asks what you was doing with this man. Aaliya says I met him because of you and says I couldn’t believe when he accused you. I wanted to know who is that person trapping you. Aaliya actsinnocent and says nobody can accuse my brother. Abhi says I can understand your concern, but if anything happens to you then…Aaliya says I won’t leave that person who is behind everything. She asks him to come to doctor and get treatment. Abhi says it is a small injury and asks her to go home.

Aaliya thinks she will burn Bulbul’s celebration, just wait and watch.

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Saturday, 17 June 2017

Ayodele Fayose declares - ‎I am the next president of Nigeria

Governor Ayodele Fayose, the “Social Media Governor”, on Friday in Ado Ekiti has said he is going to become the next president of Nigeria.The governor boasted that he had the attributes to wrestle power from the Pres.

Buhari-led APC in 2019.He also boasted that former governors Segun Oni and Kayode Fayemi would fail if they contest the 2018 governorship election in the state.

According to him, neither of the two performed to an admirable level that Ekiti people would give them a second chance like he was given.The governor spoke at a meeting with political office holders at the Government’s House, Ado Ekiti, where he also inspected Osoko Political Institute Centre.

He said, “Just because Ayo Fayose has won asecond term to become governor of Ekiti, some people also think they can come back now, but I want to tellthem that it is not possible.I am the man wholeheartedly loved by Ekiti people because of the many developmental projects that have brought great infrastructural and developmental advancement to Ekiti.

If you go around Ekiti, you will see myhandiwork dotting every nook and cranny of the state. .This is why I am the man who every Ekiti people will follow in 2018.” Fayose said he had the penchant for taking powers from people having defeated two former governors (Niyi Adebayo and Fayemi) in governorship elections.I have penchant for taking powers; that one in Buhari’s hand.

I will take it. I’m going straight to that villa. I’m the next president. I want to be the next president of Nigeria. My own won’t be this change that has brought nothing, we are going to represent the people well and tell them the truth.”

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Checkout the new look of Singer - 9ice photos (Nice Or Miss)

Singer 9ice has unveiled a new look by stepping out boldly in mid-length dreadlocks with ponytails dabbed with a touch of gold dye.

The Alopomeji crooner, apparently seems to be reinventing his image with the new look in a set of new photos shot by Mr Arilabadi.

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Friday, 16 June 2017

Anti-Fake News, PR Consultant Lekan Fatodu Protest To Saharareporters Office

War between Lekan Fatodu and Sowore Omoyele of Sahara Reporters isn’t ending soon, I guess. Lekan Fatodu,  a journalist and PR consultant, this morning led hundreds of anti-fake news and anti-blackmail protesters to the newlyopened office of  Saharareporters, in Lagos.

Recall that the online medium's publisher, Sowore Omoyele, was arrested in January 2017 for ALLEGEDLY threatening Fatodu's life, criminal defamation and blackmail.

While addressing the crowd during the protest, Fatodu said it had become absolutely necessary to raise serious awareness on the danger of fake news which he said was not only bad for the health of the nation but also troubling for the well-being of the populace.

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Zeeworld - Friday Update On Twist Of Fate Episode 434-435

Pragya comes to room and asksfrom where did he learn this? Abhi says betrayal teaches everything and he has understood the importance of love. Pragya says you have fallen in love twice. Abhi says I couldn’t hear your heart beat as money noise comes from it. He says he has understood value of love and says they couldn’t be together.

Hamari Adhuri plays…………He lights the candle…Pragya holds his hand and asks what is he doing as heis about to burn his finger. Abhi says he is burnt from inside. Pragya says this room is for twolovers who are going to start their new life and asks her to go. He picks the flower with thorn and asks her to help someone when she understand the difference between flower and thorn. Hamari Adhuri plays…………..He asks about the drawer keys and says it has fuggi’s stuff which he want to see.Abhi says I am missing my fuggiand that’s why want to talk to her stuff. Pragya says okay, I will search keys. Dadi comes and says she needs to talk to him. She asks if anyone talked to Sarla about Purab and Bulbul’s marriage. Abhi says I will ask them.

Dadi says I asked them, and they didn’t inform her. She says we shall go to Sarla and talk to her politely, so that she don’t get any shock. She says we will take Pragya as well, as if Sarla asks us who got them married, we will tell that Pragya got them married.Sarla asks about Bulbul. Dadi comes there with Abhi and Pragya. Sarla asks them to sit and asks if everything is fine. She asks if Pragya has done something. Dadi says she did what we couldn’t do. Abhi says we want to do this, but she has done although her way is wrong. Sarla asks what is the matter? Dadi asks her not to get angry and says she did right. Sarla asks them to tell.

Dadi says Pragya got Bulbul and Purab married.Dadi informing Sarla that Pragyagot Bulbul and Purab married. Sarla gets furious. Abhi asks her not to blame them and tells that Pragya did their marriage. Abhi asks Pragya to come inside. Sarla asks what do you want to proof and asks why did you marry her off? Pragya says why she is reacting and says you should be thankful to me. I got them married as they love each other. Sarla says I am her mum and I have that right to do kanyadaan. Sarla says you doesn’t want to spend money and that’s why got them marriedin a temple. Pragya says she doesn’t care, and have so much work rather than getting people married.

Dadi tells Sarla that Pragya’s emotions are dead andthat’s why she misbehaves witheveryone. Abhi tells that he is going for shopping for the newlyweds. Pragya says she is going.Dadi says I will take taxi and come. Abhi asks Sarla not to worry and says they will return to her. He asks her to be happy and leaves.Aaliya comes to the decorated room of Purab and Bulbul and thinks she can’t let this happen. She writes her name with Purab and start talking like psycho. Sarla comes to meet Purab and Bulbul. Bulbul says Purab askedher to marry and threatened to marry someone else if she don’tagree. Sarla says do you think that he can marry someone else. Bulbul cooks up a story. Sarla blesses for their happy married life. Aaliya thinks it will be worst night for them rather than wedding night and burns the bed.

Dadi, Dadi, Sarla bring Purab and Bulbul towards the room. Dasi feels the smell and tells Dadi. They open the door and see the room in fire. Bulbul panics and gets scared. Purab asks her not to get scared and says the fire might be due to thecandles. Bulbul thinks she is inauspicious for him and asks him not to come closer to her.Purab says it is our life and we have to live happily. Sarla says Purab loves you very much and will take care of you. Dadi asks her not to think bad. Abhi and Pragya come. Abhi says I have brought gifts for her, and says she got married to get many gifts. Bulbul says jiji. Abhi says situation is under control. Pragya smiles. Sarla asks Purabto call her if Bulbul need any medicine.

Abhi blames Pragya for keeping the candles unsafely. Pragya says you have done all the decorations. They argue. Purab says we will sleep in hall. Pragya says no. Raj asksAaliya if she has gone mad, and asks if anyone would have seen her there….then…Aaliya says she won’t let Tanu and Purab have suhaag raat in her house.

Raj says everyone will get to know that she lit their room on fire and asks her to decide what she wants to have.

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Thursday, 15 June 2017

“I can’t marry a man who is not good in sex” – Actress Bolatito Sowunmi aka Miss Pepeiye

It’s Been long we heard from Papa Ajasco’s Actress Miss Pepeiye.Well, here’s something from here..Actress, Bolatito Sowunmi who is famous for her role as Miss Pepeye in Wale Adenuga’s foremost comedy “Papa Ajasco” had an interview with Broadway TV and she spoke about her journey so far, what’s next for her,and her exit from the famous ComedyTV show.

The actress shared that she belongs in Nollywood despite having not done so many movies in the past fewyears. On relationships, Miss Pepeye revealed that she can’t date a man who is not good in bed.

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Tboss celebrates herself in new stunning photos

Tokunboh Idowu a.k.a Tboss celebrated herself by sharing beautiful new photos on Instagram. She wrote:"My WCW today is myself and unapologetically so.

Today I celebrate myself, the amazing person that I am. Yeah yeah yeah some may say, look at her she's not even humble!Go on, give it your best shot, but I have had my fair share of trials and tribulations, pain that very few people can comprehend& yes I have triumphed! And this makes me so proud of myself.

I am so happy and privileged to be Me. I am not perfect not even close but I know Every decision taken,every mistake made & every act of kindness has brought me here & I am contend in the realization that I am on the right path to fulfilling my purpose. "

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Zeeworld - Thursday Update On Twist Of Fate Episode 432-433

Purab coming to Sarla’s house and says he went for jogging and saw fresh vegetables. He thought to buy for her as she likes it. Sarla says I understand fully and calls Bulbul. Bulbul comes, greets him and asks what did you buy for me.

She asks do you remember what is today? Purab says happy birthday, and asks what is the day today. Bulbul says her birthday is on Feb, and says today is our love anniversary. We have proposed each other on this day. Purab pretends to remember and says I was just testing you. Bulbul asks him to go to hell. Abhi tries taking jeys from Pragya’s nightie pocket. Pragya wakes up and asks whatyou was doing? Abhi says nothing. Pragya asks if you was trying to take my advantage.

Abhi says I want my key and asks her to sleep after giving keys. Pragya sees Purab’s 10 misscalls and thinks he might want to talk to her about something important.Sarla is happy seeing the fresh veggies and asks Purab what happened? Purab says your daughter is impossible. Jhanki asks him to marry Bulbul soon. Bulbul is still angry. Sarla asks her to bring her clothes from tailor. Jhanki says she can’t go to two places and asks her to send Bulbul instead.

Purab asksSarla to go and collect the clothes, and says he will be withBulbul. He asks her to open the door and wonders why Pragya didn’t come till now. He calls Pragya and asks her to come fast. Purab asks Bulbul to open the door and says Pragya is here. Bulbul asks him not to lie. Pragya asks her to open the door. Bulbul and Purab argue. Pragya asks her to forgive Purab. Just then Sarla comes and asks to open the door. Purab opens the door. Sarla says I forgot to take the money. Pragya hides. Bulbul tells Sarla that she has given money to Purab as he needed it.

Purab gives her money. Bulbul says she is hungry and want food after she comes back. Sarla says I will make it now. Purab and Bulbul send her to tailor’s shop. Pragya says she will leaveand asks them not to fight.Tanu asks Abhi, if he got Pragya’s signatures on the papers. Abhi says papers are there. Tanu gets happy and triesto open the almari. Abhi says it is saved in the locker and asks her to hold on her breathe, as heis not having drawer keys. He says pragya is having keys. Abhi says what could I do? Tanusays I can’t take the risk and says she will break the locker.

Abhi says I will bring something to break the drawer’s lock. Tanuthinks Pragya’s story will end if she manages to open the drawer. Ronnie comes calling Pragya and enters her room. He asks Tanu if she is stealing something. Tanu says she is trying to take out something which belongs to Abhi. Abhi comes. Ronnie shares his doubtwith Abhi and suggest him to wait till Pragya comes back.Pragya comes home. Abhi asks her about keys. Pragya says I don’t know. I might have kept it somewhere and says it is not a jewellery.

Abhi says it is more precious than your jewellery. Heasks her to tell. Pragya says shedon’t remember.Purab takes Bulbul to a restaurant. Bulbul asks him to remember the important dates of their love life. She asks him to love her and says she will fight with him. Purab says lets start with a kiss. Aaliya and Tanu come there. Tanu says lets spoil their date. Aaliya says my mood will be off. Tanu says didn’t you make food at home. Bulbul says there is no love life for you both and says she can understand their frustation. She says she is celebrating love anniversary, and tells that you both know anything about it.

She gets Pragya’s call and goesto attend it.Abhi tries searching for keys and thinks he has to sleep before lady hunter comes. He thinks Pragya can get keys while cleaning the room. Pragyacomes. Abhi pretends to be sleeping. Pragya thinks he is sleeping after messing the room. She cleans the room. Abhi says it is good that she is cleaning the room, and thinks tosleep. Pragya also rests on her bed.Bulbul comes back and asks Purab to leave her alone for sometime. Purab asks what happened? Bulbul says she is getting strange feeling that something wrong is going to happen, and says she is feeling insecured. She says we shall marry and then no problem will come. Purab says we will come once our motive is successful, and Abhi and Pragya unites. Bulbul says we shall do court marriage and we will not let anyone know. She says she will have surity that he will be his. She says I feel like someone is snatching you from me.

Purab says no one can come between us, just then someone hits on his head. Bulbul looks at the reflection of the person who hit on Purab’s head.Bulbul asking who is there? Aaliya comes infront of her and says she will kill her. Pragya wake up and thinks it is a bad dream. She thinks to see what Aaliya is doing. Tanu asks Aaliya why she was getting effected. Aaliya says she still loves Purab, but couldn’t express her love because of family. Tanu says I thought that you have forgotten him. Aaliya says I love him very much even now, and I have subside this matter now, and concentrated on Abhi. She says she lost her temper when she saw them celebrating love anniversary.

She says she will do something to this Bulbul, and will see Purab later. Pragya hears her and thinks she has to meet Purab and Bulbul now itself.

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Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Zeeworld - Wednesday Update On Twist Of Fate Episode 430-431

Abhi reminds himself that he has to take Pragya’s sign and thinks he shall not confess his feelings to Pragya from now onwards, but then thinks to wooher for one last time. Pragya comes to room and thinks now he will see how I flirt with him. She thinks seriously he won’t doanything and thinks she lost a good chance.

Abhi throws dumb bells on his feet mistakenly. Pragya asks where is your concentration and understands that he is acting. Abhi says first my heart broke and now feet. Pragya says who said that I don’t care for you, and says I care very much. Abhi asks her to come closer. Pragyalies on his closely surprising him. Abhi gets up from bed and starts walking with her help, but they fall on bed. Pragya asks him to look at her…..and caresses his face lovingly. Abhi asks what you are doing?Pragya says your pain will be gone, and asks him to feel……She says nobody kiss meanytime before, and says I will kiss you now. She says meow……Abhi gets shocked….Pragya says I am so sorry, couldn’t understand your love, insulted and hurt you….You have to punish me formy mistake…..and says I…………….you…….Abhi gets scared and gets up from bed shockingly. Pragya asks him to hug her. Abhi says he is thirsty and goes to drink water. Pragya asks him to come soon.

Abhi comes out and thinks if she is mogambo or someone else. Shehas shocked me heavily and my hands are shaking even now. He collides with Tanu and he asks her to check if he is havingtemperature. She checks and says no. She asks him to tell if he got Pragya’s sign on the papers. Abhi says no and asks her not to remind him. Tanu tells about their marriage and kids….Abhi says you are saying as if your marriage date is having expiry period. He says there comes an earthquake in my room. Tanu asks him to takePragya’s sign on the papers, or else she will go away with the baby. She sends him again to room.Purab and Bulbul come home. Sarla asks what happened? Bulbul thinks their plan failed. She tries to lie, but her lie is caught by Sarla.

Purab tells her about Vijay. Bulbul says Pragya did right by taking back case against Abhi. Sarla says I think she is doing drama…..Bulbul asks why you are saying this. Sarla says Abhi bore her betrayal once, and thinks God saved Abhi like men from those kinds of girls.Abhi thinks he is trapped between ghar wali and bahar wali……Pragya asks him to comeinside. Abhi asks what happened to you…..why you are coming closer to me. Pragya says I believe on your love now, and says there should be no distance between us. Abhi thinks she might be flirting with you and playing same game with you. He asks himself not tobe scared and play the game.

He says you want to come closer, and says he was also waiting for the same moment. He asks him to come closer thateven air can’t pass through them. Pragya gets tensed. Abhi asks if you have changed your decision. Pragya says we love each other a lot. Abhi says so much closer that we are not ourselves. He gets closer to her……Pragya thinks please don’t come near me. Abhi tells himself not to take a step further.Abhi and Pragya coming closer. Pragya and Abhi stops themselves. A song plays….They hug each other emotionally. Pragya asks Abhi to sleep and says it is late night.She gets tears in her eyes. Abhi thinks to take her signatures somehow, and thinks to take herfinger prints instead. He touches her fingers to know if she feels anything. He sleeps on bed beside her and touches her fingers, but Pragya is still sleeping.

He thinks to take her thumb impressions this way. Pragya wakes up and thinks Abhi is sleeping. Abhi feigns to be sleeping.Pragya thinks to show him starsin the morning. She closes her eyes and asks where is my teddy bear…come closer. Abhi says since when I became teddy bear…Pragya touches his face and asks where is your softcheeks and hairs, and asks teddy to come closer. Abhi wonders what she is going to do? Pragya asks teddy to caresses her hairs……She hits him with hairs. He pulls his closer and they hug almost.

Aasman Tere Mera plays………………..Abhi kisses on her cheek. Saiyyara plays…………………Pragya gets up from bed…..holding her cheek……

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Zeeworld - Tuesday Update On Twist Of Fate Episode 428-429

Purab saying that no one can escape from Rockstar’s home, and says why did you leave from here. Pragya says if you remember everything then you might have remember me as well.

Vijay asks who are you? Pragya slaps him hard. Vijay is angry. Everyone is shocked. Pragya says you all want to know why I am caring for him, and spending money on his treatment. She asks Tanu to askher now, and says you might have forgotten to ask. She says you might see yourself in other’s face in the mirror and says that’s why you calls everyone characterless like yourself.

Aaliya asks what is wrong with both of you and says talks to Vijay. She says they got his treatment done withthe best doctors, and says you have hit Raj on his head. She asks him to get out and tells slowly asking him not to take their name else they will get himkilled. Abhi says 1 min and sayslet clear everyone’s doubts now.He asks Pragya to tell why she was taking care of him. Aaliya says that doesn’t matter and says he deserves a punishment.She says I will call Police. She calls police and asks them to come. Pragya takes the phone and says she has a relation withVijay which has no name. She says he is not a ordinary decorator, but a professional killer. Everyone gets shocked. She says he came here to kill me on Dussera day. She says everyone knew that someone tied me inside the ravan, and says Vijay was the one who tied her inside the ravan.

Aaliya, Tanu and Raj get shocked. Abhi gets angry at Vijay and says nobody feels safe because of your kind of people. He beats them asking him to think about his family. He asks why did you tried to take Pragya’s life.Aaliya asks Abhi to stop it and says we don’t know if Pragya is saying truth or lying. She says she will never trust Pragya.

Abhisays I trust her fully. He says I can feel it that she is saying truth, and asks why you are taking his side. He asks do you know him? He says big proof is that he feigned to have a memory loss. If he is not lying then why did he try to escape from here.

Aaliya says I am not taking his side, and says let Police come and decide who is truthful. Tanu tells Aaliya that it is good that Vijay didn’t take their name else they might have been caught.Pragya asks Vijay, how you are feeling now, and says you know well how the Police behaves with your kind of people. She says it will be better if you tell the truth. She says if I can spend so much money to get your treatment, then I can do anything to bring out the truth from you. Vijay asks what do you want to know? Pragya says do you remember the Dussera night, and asks him to keep quiet and speak infront of Police, or tell her the truth now itself. She says if you choose to tell me then I promise that I won’t let you go to Police station.

Vijay says few people chooses their own way. Pragya says you told me that day that someone gave you money to get me killed and asks who is that person. She asks him not toget afraid of her and says you can go from here smilingly if you tell that person name. Vijay thinks I have to take that person’s name to save myself.Police comes and asks Aaliya why did she call them.

Aaliya says it is good that you came and tells Inspector to arrest Vijay. Pragya says just 1 min, and says he wants to give us some important information, and asks Vijay to tell that person’s name who hired him. Vijay looks on. Aaliya, Tanu and Raj get tensed. Vijay says it is enough now, and says my mum says that one shall say the truthand be happy. He says I will tell the truth and says that person isfrom your family.

He says he is from your family member and might be thinking how can I do this with him. He apologizes and says I have to take his name to save myself. He asks Pragya to promise that she won’t do any complaint against him. Pragya asks the Inspector to arrest the person, who has hired Vijay. Vijay says I thought what is the need to do Ram Leela, when there are many enemies at home. Pragya asks him to tell truth fast. Vijay says Idid wrong by dealing with your family. He asks her to identify his enemy who gave him money, and says he is the one…………He says he was that man…………..Raj, Aaliya, Tanu andAbhi were standing at that place.Pragya says Raj Bhaiyya…….Vijay asks him to move…..Pragya says Tanu…….Vijay asks her to move……..Pragya says Aaliya…Vijay says she is the onewho gave me money to kill you. Pragya says I knew it. Vijay asksAaliya to move from there and asks if she wants to go to Jail.

Vijay takes Abhi’s name. Pragyaand everyone is shocked.

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Monday, 12 June 2017

Hilarious Post - 10 Hilarious Lies Every Nigerian Child Was Told When Growing Up

How time flies? That’s one of the questions that usually occupy our minds when we remember our childhood days because growing up is always very memorable especially in Nigeria.

Maybe then, it didn’t feel completely spectacular but fast forward a few years, you’ll find yourself cracking up as you recall those childhood days when our parents told us a lot of childhood myths probably to scare us into good behavior.

You’ll laugh your heart out in awe as you remember these myths in today’s article, lies every Nigerian child was told.

Here are the 10 Hilarious Lies Every Nigerian Child Was Told When Growing Up…

1. “Rain Is Falling, Sun Is Shining, Lion Is The Backyard Giving Birth”We just hope say the Lion don born finish at last

2. If Your Teeth Falls, Throw It On The ZincSo Lizard Will Take It And Give You Another OneAnd those who forgot to throw their teeth on the roof will cry endlessly because theywill think it won’t grow again. We hope youguys still don’t have teeth again now abi?

3. If You Hiss Or Whistle At Night, Snakes Will Come Out And Bite YouOnly if you know the kind slap wey our Momesy they give us if you mistakenly whistle for Night. She will then say “You want make Sname come this house?”

4. If Your Spit Dries On The Floor, You’ll Lose Your VoiceThis one got me for Life. I remember the day I spitted from the Bus only for an Elderly woman to tell me I would lose my Voice. I had to drop from the Bus, Trek back for like 15 mins to clean my Spit fromthe main road so I don’t lose my Precious voice. I was so angry the day I learnt it was a big lie.

5. If Someone Crosses Over You And Doesn’t Cross Back, You’ll Stop Growinglol… I hope you all they crossed have stopped growing ehn.. I don cross my friend tire and the guy just dey tall dey go!

6. Eat Beans So You’ll Grow TallHeheheheh! This one weak me oooooo

7. If You Look At The Mirror At Night, You’llSee A GhostNo be only Ghost, Na Spirit

8. If You Draw A Line And An Ant Works OnIt, Your Mum Will DieAbi she don die ni?

9. If You Stone A Lizard & The Blood Touches Your Body, You Will Have EpilepsyMe wey don kill Lizard with the Blood splashing on my face tire… Nothing do me!

10. If You Eat Dog Meat, Dogs Will Bark At YouWe hope our Calabar friends are aware of this also?

Tell us what you think about this Post – Which of the Lies have you heard about?

Also, Add Yours to it and don’t spoil the Fun.

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Update - Dino Melaye Escapes Another Assassination

The social media friendly Senator just broke the news on twitter. Read from down upwards.

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Zeeworld - Monday Update On Twist Of Fate Episode 426-427

Mitali thinking where did Raj go early in the morning. She sees Ronnie fallen on floor and sleeping. She calls Dadi. Dadi and everyone come. Aaliya sayshe might be drunk and fainted. Dadi says he is unconscious and asks her to bring water. Pragya comes and sees Ronnie unconscious.

They wake him up. Ronnie says no one can go inside…..He says I was outside the room, drank water and then Idon’t remember. Pragya asks who gave you water…..Ronnie says Robin gave me water.Pragya asks everyone to take care of Ronnie and says she willbe back. She comes to room and sees decorator in the room.She thinks thank god he is fine, but still unconscious. Abhi saysshe is wasting money on him. Tanu says she has postponed my marriage for money and wasting money on his treatment. She tells dadi that Pragya might be having affair with him.

Pragya asks her to mind her language and tells it is her money and her house.Abhi thinks she becomes tigress when money matters come, thinks to snatch money from her to control her. He asks her to come with him and takes her with him. Dadi thinks what to do, and goes to help Pragya. Pragya says what they might think that you are my boss. Whydid you bring me here. Abhi says I am very much hungry andthought to eat food which you used to make it before. He says but…..I will ask Robin to make it.

He emotionally blackmails her and says he needs someone to love and care him. Pragya agrees to make breakfast for him. Abhi tells about his liking. Pragya goes to make food. He thinks I have engaged her in work and thinks to make decorator go. He calls the doctor.Aaliya and Tanu argue. Aaliya asks her to pray that he don’t get unconscious.

Tanu says God will listen to me and asks what to do next. She asks what did you do yesterday and says ifwe had left him there then Pragya might have doubted us. They wait for Raj to come. Just then Vijay wakes up and tells poetry. He sees them and asks you both…..Where I am? Aaliya says you are in heaven and saysthere is a hell behind the door. Vijay asks how did you come here in this heaven and asks if you are here for entertainment.

He tries to open the bandage, Tanu says you are a patient. He says wound is a man’s ornament and tells that he will press her neck.Aaliya tells him that Abhi did hisaccident, and tells that Pragya wants to question him about theattack on her. Vijay says I will kill her now. Aaliya says all the family members are here and you will be caught. Vijay tells that he will leave through washroom window. Tanu says you can’t as I tried once. Vijay picks the vase. Aaliya says guards are outside.

Pragya makes breakfast and thinks where did Abhi go. Purab and Bulbul come there. They ask about Vijay. Pragya says something had happened yesterday and tells everything. Purab says how can door be locked when Vijay was unconscious. Bulbul says Ronnie was seated outside….Pragya says Ronnie was unconscious and woken upin the morning. She says we shall go and check him.Pragya, Bulbul and Purab come there. She asks did he gain consciousness? Aaliya says no.Tanu says we shall shift him to hospital and reminds her that Abhi did his accident. Pragya asks them to go and says she don’t need her suggestion.

Aaliya asks why you are letting Purab and Bulbul stay here. Pragya says she don’t want manipulative people like them around when Vijay gains consciousness. They leave angrily. Bulbul asks him to wakeup once and tell the name of theperson who hired him, and says she don’t care if he gets unconscious again. Vijay thinks who is this girl who is saying this about me. Aaliya informs Raj about Mitali seeing Ronnie unconscious and calling everyone. She says she broughtback Vijay in the room.

She saysthere is one disappointing newsand says he has gained consciousness and tried to run, but we stopped him somehow. Abhi asks Doctor to shift him to hospital and says he can’t spend more money on him.Abhi asks Purab why did he come in the morning? Purab says he came to see the decorator. Abhi asks doctor to check him. Tanu says we shall shift him to hospital. Doctor checks him and says he is fine, but don’t know why he is not waking up. Abhi asks him to show degree and asks if he is trainee doctor.

Doctor says we have to get his xray done. Purabsees Vijay moving and gets an idea. He tells Abhi that if they hiton his legs then he will gain consciousness.. Vijay gets shocked.Purab telling that they shall hit on Vijay’s feet to wake him up. Abhi says we shall dip him in hot water. Purab says then we have to hang him upside down for 2-3 hours. Abhi says I will give him electric shock and says get up else you have to bear electric shock. Vijay wakesup scared.

Abhi says it is a treatment, and asks Doctor to give his degree and take his guitar in exchange. Doctor checks Vijay and asks if he is having any pain. Vijay asks where I am? He asks who are these people? He feigns head ache. Tanu says I think he is having memory loss. Abhi says you don’t remember me, Abhi- the rock star…..You came to decorate my house on Dussera day.

Vijay says I don’t remember and asks them to let him go. Abhi says how can this possible. Doctor says may be he is having internal injury.

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Sunday, 11 June 2017

Amber Rose breaks Internet with pantless photo

Daily Mail Amber Rose sure knows how to get our attention and how to keep it too. At least for the time being.

The American model shared a semi-nude photo of herself via Twitter on Saturday, June 10, while promoting her #AmberRoseSlutWalk movement.

The raunchy photo shows a frontal viewof her pubic region, while her boobs are ironically covered.Amber also shared the same picture on Instagram but it was pulld down barely two hours after it was posted.

Trust the controversial model to refer to her raunchy picture as a feminist statement, calling out Instagram for not appreciating what the photo stood for.

She shared another cleavage baring snap where she is seen rolling her eyes,with the caption,"When IG deletes ur fire ass feminist post but you really don't give a f*** because everyone picked it up already.

"The photo has since thrown the Internetinto a wild spin, as the former stripper who seems to have been off the media in recent times, begins to trend.

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DMW Boss announces "30 Billion" world tour - Davido

The long awaited tour forDavido's hit track, "30 Billion" has been announced and it's bound to be something! The singer made the announcement via social media on Saturday, June 10.

"30 Billion" has been a hit from the first day it hit the streets and is bound to be around for a long while to come.

He also hinted that a new track featuringYoung ThugandRae Sremmurdwill be dropping on June 16 and yes, we are breathless with anticipation.

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