Monday, 12 June 2017

Hilarious Post - 10 Hilarious Lies Every Nigerian Child Was Told When Growing Up

How time flies? That’s one of the questions that usually occupy our minds when we remember our childhood days because growing up is always very memorable especially in Nigeria.

Maybe then, it didn’t feel completely spectacular but fast forward a few years, you’ll find yourself cracking up as you recall those childhood days when our parents told us a lot of childhood myths probably to scare us into good behavior.

You’ll laugh your heart out in awe as you remember these myths in today’s article, lies every Nigerian child was told.

Here are the 10 Hilarious Lies Every Nigerian Child Was Told When Growing Up…

1. “Rain Is Falling, Sun Is Shining, Lion Is The Backyard Giving Birth”We just hope say the Lion don born finish at last

2. If Your Teeth Falls, Throw It On The ZincSo Lizard Will Take It And Give You Another OneAnd those who forgot to throw their teeth on the roof will cry endlessly because theywill think it won’t grow again. We hope youguys still don’t have teeth again now abi?

3. If You Hiss Or Whistle At Night, Snakes Will Come Out And Bite YouOnly if you know the kind slap wey our Momesy they give us if you mistakenly whistle for Night. She will then say “You want make Sname come this house?”

4. If Your Spit Dries On The Floor, You’ll Lose Your VoiceThis one got me for Life. I remember the day I spitted from the Bus only for an Elderly woman to tell me I would lose my Voice. I had to drop from the Bus, Trek back for like 15 mins to clean my Spit fromthe main road so I don’t lose my Precious voice. I was so angry the day I learnt it was a big lie.

5. If Someone Crosses Over You And Doesn’t Cross Back, You’ll Stop Growinglol… I hope you all they crossed have stopped growing ehn.. I don cross my friend tire and the guy just dey tall dey go!

6. Eat Beans So You’ll Grow TallHeheheheh! This one weak me oooooo

7. If You Look At The Mirror At Night, You’llSee A GhostNo be only Ghost, Na Spirit

8. If You Draw A Line And An Ant Works OnIt, Your Mum Will DieAbi she don die ni?

9. If You Stone A Lizard & The Blood Touches Your Body, You Will Have EpilepsyMe wey don kill Lizard with the Blood splashing on my face tire… Nothing do me!

10. If You Eat Dog Meat, Dogs Will Bark At YouWe hope our Calabar friends are aware of this also?

Tell us what you think about this Post – Which of the Lies have you heard about?

Also, Add Yours to it and don’t spoil the Fun.

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