Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Zeeworld Series - Tuesday Update On Twist Of Fate Episode 438-439

Abhi is watching TV and laughs.Pragya asks him to lower the volume. Abhi thinks he shall notmess with Pragya until he gets POA papers. Pragya gives him tablet and asks him to take it before sleep. Abhi thanks her. Pragya thanks him for supporting her and protecting her from getting insulted.

Abhi asks her not to thank him, and asks her to do a favor. He asks her to give all drawer keys to her. Pragya asks him not to worry and says she will not go anywhere. Pragya asks him to see the arrangements. Abhi says he will not look in the arrangements and says he will only eat medicine. Abhi thinks he wants to keep pragya busy and says lets see what I do tomorrow.Dadi asks Ronnie to bring fresh flowers. Mitali comes. Dadi asksher if she has done her work. Mitali says she forgot. Dadi asks Tai ji if she send the cards to guests. Tai ji says she will do it now. Dadi says it seems I have to do all the work.

Pragya is sitting on sofa and pretends to be reading magazine. Abhi thinks how to keep her busy so that he can do his work.Abhi comes to Dasi and tells herthat Pragya is reading magazineand making Dadi do all the work. He asks her to make Pragya do some work. Dasi comes to Pragya and asks if she is not having any shame. She says today is your sister’s reception. Pragya says I have done my work and gave money. Dasi stops everyone and says no one will work until Pragya works. Pragya says I thought to gift you freedom, but I think you don’t want that.

She asks Mitali to do the decoration again. Tanu tells Aaliya that Pragya might give them work also. Aaliya says I will not go and thinks he has to bring Vijay inside.........Abhi telling the workers to take out the almari fast else he will cut their money. He comes backto room. Pragya asks from where this voice is coming and goes inside.

She asks what theyare doing? Abhi takes her to room and says he is throwing the old cupboard to make way to new. He says he is not talkingabout her as her expiry date is not near. Pragya thinks this act is to get that papers and asks if he asked someone before buying new furniture. She asks him not to touch her cupboard and says there is something important inside. Abhi says he has many important things inside, and asks her not to argue else he will make her expiry nearer. The workers tell that the work is done.

Abhi gets the papers and is happy. Pragyathinks what to do as he got the papers. Abhi kisses on the papers. She says he got Alladin’s lamp and I have to do something before he makes useof it. Abhi comes back to room and thinks to hide the papers before Pragya returns. He hides the papers in the lamp and then hides beneath the blanket. Pragya peeps in the room. Abhi then makes a small hole inside bed and hides the papers. He thinks Pragya can’t find these papers. Pragya thinks she has to get the papers immediately.

Aaliya does her make up and thinks she is looking perfect. Tanu asks if you are getting ready for their reception. Aaliya says yes and says she is not having any problem. Tanu says Ican help you. Aaliya says I will do alone. Tanu says how you will fight with them all alone…Aaliya asks her to go.Purab makes Bulbul wear the pearls necklace. Aaliya comes to their room.

She gives a gift tothem from her side. She says I pray to God for your happiness. Bulbul takes the gift. Aaliya thanks them and smirks before leaving.

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