Thursday, 8 June 2017

Zeeworld Updates- Thursday Update On Twist Of Fate Episode 422-423

Dasi tells that Dadi has changed. Mitali looks carefully and says she is looking different. She says previously she used to be ill, but now she is healthy. Aaliya says our Dadi couldn’t say anything since Pragya has taken over.

Dadi says no one can go against me, and says Pragya is doing right, making you understand value ofmoney and also making you do the work. She says if Pragya tries to harm anyone of you thenI will not leave her. Tanu asks why didn’t you stop Pragya fromhalting my marriage. Dadi says your to-be husband is not interested in marriage topic, then how can I speak alone. Dasi asks where did you go daily. Payal comes and says I know……..She says I have seen her going to Gurudwara two or three times. Ronnie tells about Pragya’s rule and asks them notto sit together else he will throwcockroach and rats on them.

Everyone runs from there. Ronnie sits to have lunch. Payalthinks to teach him a lesson.Finally Purab sees Vijay and gets down his car to follow him. Vijay sits on a tea stall to have tea. Purab sees him and thinks to call Pragya first before callingPolice.Pragya thinks to enquire about the papers from Abhi and thinkshe is smart and that’s why she has to wait.

Purab calls Pragya and tells her that he has seen that killer Vijay who tried to kill her on Ravan Dahan. Pragya is shocked and asks him where is he? Purab says he is in Bandra. Pragya asks him to follow him secretly and says she is leaving from there. Abhi is looking happy. Dadi thinks may be he is going again to trouble Pragya. She ask where is he going? Abhisays Pragya…….Dadi scolds himand asks who is more importantfor him, she or Pragya. Abhi says ofcourse you. Dadi says okay and asks him to come.

Abhi acts to stay back. Dasi comes and asks abhi to go to his room. Abhi says he is going with Dadi. Dasi says I will go with her. She understands that Dadi wants to stop Abhi. Dadi says she wants to stop her as Abhi takes panga with Pragya and troubles her. Dasi laughs and is happy.Pragya tells Abhi that to cancel the meeting as she have to go somewhere urgently. Abhi asks where is she going and says you are changing color. Pragya asks him to become his boss for one day and torture her all day. Allah Wariyan plays…………..Pragya asks him to let her go. They have an eye lock. Abhi leaves her hand and goes. He returns her purse and she goes. Abhi thinks if she doesn’t return on time then his plans will fail. Purab follows Vijay.

Pragya comes there and tells him that Vijay is a dangerous man. Bulbul comes there and asks what they are doing here. Pragya asks did youcall her? Purab says no and says he has ignored her call. Pragya asks her to go. Purab tells her that they are following someone. Vijay leaves from there when they were busy talking. Pragya says you have diverted our attention and he managed to escape. Pragya gets abhi’s message asking her to come for meeting.

Purab asks her to go and says they will search for Vijay.Pragya comes to the pub and thinks why did Abhi fixed the meeting in the puja. Abhi introduces her to the investors and says they have accepted the clauses. He says clients wants you to dance, and wants to see our chemistry as they aremaking ad. Pragya refuses and says you are doing ad with them, but not mine. Abhi says you have still qualities of old Pragya, and says you are still emotional and couldn’t dance like her. Pragya says it is not as such and sees Purab and Bulbulcoming to the pub.

She excuses herself and goes to Purab and Bulbul. Purab tells her that the decorator is here. Pragya says Abhi is asking her to dance with him. Purab says itis a good idea and asks her to dance so that they can catch Vijay. Pragya comes to Abhi andsays she don’t have any objection to dance with you. Pragya dances with Abhi on the song Uffo Isse Daant ke Bhagawo. Vijay sees her and runs out of pub. Purab and Bulbul come out and see him already eloped. Pragya comes and asks them to find in different ways. Abhi wondes why did Pragya leave in a hurry and calls her. He asks where are you and says he is waiting for her near the car. Pragya asks him to go home. Abhi sits in the car and drives car. Pragyasays I can’t talk to you now. Abhi says who is dying to talk toyou and asks her to go to hell. Suddenly his car hits Vijay and he falls down injured. Abhi gets shocked.Abhi talking to Pragya on phone and does someone’s accident by mistake. He informs Pragya that he hit someone and cuts the call. He asks the people to help him take the man to hospital. Pragya tells Dadi that she is following the decorator. Dadi gets scared.

Dadi asks Pragya to come back and says she can’t see her in trouble. Pragya says it is a good chance to catch him. Dadi asks her to return now itself else she will come with all the family members. Pragya says I will come there. She tells Purab thatDadi is scared and asks us to come back. Purab says we shallcatch him. Pragya says it is rather diffcult to catch him as it is late now. She says we shall go home.Abhi comes home. Dadi asks how are you? If you are hurt? Abhi says nothing can happen to him and says he is a rockstar.He blames Pragya and says accident happened because of her.

He says Pragya is a boss by name, but she is like peon. He says she is a big liar and went out without informing me. Abhi comes and sees her standing. He asks when did you come? Pragya says when a responsible citizen was talking about an irresponsible citizen. Abhi says she called me again and again and I have disconnected the call. Pragya says he is lying. Dadi asks him to tell truth. They argue. Pragya says if I give money then how you will learn a lesson. Abhi says she wants to say that I shall go jail rather than paying money.

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