Friday, 9 June 2017

Romantic Story - The Intern and Her New Boss (An erotic love story - 18+)

Warning: The erotic love stories found on this site, like the one below, are for readers 18 and over.  Find out what happens when sweet Sandy gets friendly with her boss on the second day of her new internship.

She couldn’t believe the way she was acting. Sure she was attracted to him, but this wasn’t like her normal behavior at all.

What if someone came into his office and found her sitting in his lap? Before she could think enough to come to her senses, he pulled her closer and kissed her again. She couldn’t resist those kisses. There was something about her boss that made her lose all rational thought.She felt his hand reach under her dress. She didn’t tell him to stop even though she knew she should. Her thighs instinctually locked together. His hand stopped, and so did his kisses.“Open your legs for me, Sandy,” he commanded.She stared at him and hesitated. This wasn’t how a nice responsible girl acted on her first college internship.

“Sally,” he said again. The authority in his voice was so thick she couldn’t help but obey. She spread her legs, although just alittle bit. “Good girl,” he cooed as his hand slid up her leg and between her thighs forcing them to open wider.She gasped slightly as his finger slipped around her panties and rubbed her hot slitever so gently. When he began to stroke her harder, she started to squirm, but he plunged his thick finger deep inside her before she could pull away.

It hurt a little at first, but then, the more he pumped it inand out of her, the more wet and excited she became. A moan escaped her throat.“Very good girl,” he said. He leaned in and kissed her deeply again as his strong hand continued to work her over. Within minutes, her entire body started to tense. Her insides clenched with mounting arousal. He pulled his lips away from hers and stared right into her eyes. Embarrassed, she tried to turn away.“Look at me, Sandy,” he said.

“I want to see you when you come.”Unable to not do as she was told, she shyly turned toward him, but when her eyes met his, the intensity of his gaze made it impossible for her to turn away.“Oh my God!” she cried out as her body lurched toward a climax. She reached for his desk to steady herself, and her other hand clutched at his strong shoulder.“That’s it, baby. Come for me,” he told her and her entire body responded to his command. Her legs shook as she rode thewaves of pleasure until her body fell limp, and she was dizzy. Her head dropped against his chest, and he held her in his arms.“Mr. Jeffries,” she sighed out without thinking She couldn’t believe what had happened, and she was confused and delirious from her orgasm.

She heard the low rumble of his laugh as she rested on his chest.“After that, my sweet Sandy, you can call me Bob.

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