Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Zeeworld - Tuesday Update On King Of Hearts Episode 430-431

Sid asks why you are after me and my family? Why you are doing this and want to ruin us. Joker smiles. Sid tries to take out his wig. Joker throws colors on Sid and runs. Sid coughs.

He gets joker’s watch fallen and recalls seeing the same watch with Shabnam. He calls Pinto. Pinto says I came to know who is helping joker with the CCTV cameras. Sid says okay and says I have a doubt on someone. Sid goes with Pinto. Resham sees him getting inside a building and informs DD.

DD asks Roshni if Sid came last night, says Sid is not here, and tells her that Yash have helped her with jewellery launch else don’t know what would have happen.Joker sees them on CCTV and says I said that I will ruin you.Sid and Pinto getting inside the lift. Aburqa clad woman waits for lift to come, but goes before it arrives.

Sid and Pinto comes to a house and finds nobody there. They hear someone voice and run out. DD in a press conference tells that she is happy with her new jewellery line. The media person asks where is Sid and if he is part of the project? DD is tensed. The media person bombard questions on her. Yash comes and says Sid is part of the project. He says as it is a big project, Sid is handling something else.

DD thanks the reporters and says have a good day. Sid and Pinto comes out and sees Burqa Clad woman getting into an auto. Sid happens to see her face as the burqa veil flies in air. Sid takesthe cycle and follows the auto, but the auto driver tells him that she left.Sid is shocked. Later Sid comes home and gives a watch to Ayesha. Ayesha thanks him. Sid asks her to go and play. Roshni asks Sid if he got time to come home and says Mom would be happy to see you as you are spending so much time on her project. Sid is silent.

Roshni saysit is ridiculous. Yash comes and asks Sid where was he? Sid asks Yash how can he wear suit in such a hot weather and asks him to take it out. He takes his suit out and throws. Roshni asks what is all this? Sid says lets celebrate love. Roshni says it is ridiculous. Yash comes to Sid and asks what you are doing? Sidtells him that their house is rigged and it is all done by Shabnam. Yash acts to be shocked. Sid says it is very complicated, I have to protect my family, Ayesha is shabnam’s sister and she can’t see her caught. We have to do something.

Sid asks Ayesha to go on a summer camp. Ayesha refuses to go. Sid insists. Roshni says why you are forcing her? Why summer camp? Sid asks her not to go weak and says she should go there. Roshni says she is very small and crying, don’t pressurize her. Sid says Ayesha shall go. DD asks why he is talking like this with her daughter and says Ayesha have never misbehaved. Sid says I am herdad and knows what is right or wrong for her, and will not take any wrong decision. Ayesha tells DD to change Sid’s decision. DD says you won’t go anywhere. Sid says I am her father and reminds her of the past and irritates her.

Roshni says you can’t talk to me like this. DD says let it be, let him talk his heart out. She says I will not say anything, and leaves. Sid in his heart apologizes to Roshni and DD. He says I can’t tell anything as that jokeris seeing us. He says Shabnam…I won’t leave you. I will send you to such a place, from where you can’t return. He asks Ayesha to come and take her forcibly. Roshni tries to stophim, but in vain.

Ayesha cries and says I don’t want to go. Sid says it is a good place, and you will enjoy. Ayesha refuses to go. Sid calls principal and thanks him for giving her permission to stay in hostel as the school is closed. He says I am reaching there. Ayesha cries badly.

He thinks Ayesha will go to hostel and not summer camp, if I would have told this then all the family would have been tensed.

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