Friday, 12 May 2017

Story - Doctor Vs Nurse Vs Patients (18+) – Part 2

So I went back to the clinic, and my lazy registrar called me again…“Doc how far, I wanna quickly get somewhere please help me take the medical students on obstructed labour”.

It was 11:35am and that was the end of the day for him…..Well, as a very bad doc, I started sampling all the female students before me….All of them looked so innocent and were busy jotting notes as I was dishing out the stuff….But two of them tickled my fancy….One was a very tall lady, with big bôobs and massive hips that can make tools go on vacation….And another shorter lady with over-inflated baloons on her chest…..The hips-dont-lie lady was giving me an i-dont-care attitude, but I no mind, I go still slam am….While the heavily breasted lady was more interested in me: I go do this one first….So after dispersing them, I called the shortone….“Hey mills, what’s up”“I’m fine sir”“Abeg don’t sir me joor, do u mind I have your BBM pin,”“Hope I am safe sir”“Don’t worry dear, you’re in safe hands, remember I’m a doctor”She chuckled a bit, dictated her pin to me, we added up and started chatting….I invited her to the house officers quarters….It’s a two-room self contained with kitchen and bathroom, with AC in both rooms….I swithced on African magic for her (na wetin ladies like be dat) poured a bit of campari for her, and we started chatting about school, medical career, and S£x!!!.

I asked “do you have a boyfriend”“No sir”“Remember I told you not to call me ” sir”“Oh, sorry”But why don’t you have a boyfriend”“Nothing”“Can I be your boyfriend” I looked at her straight in the eye….She turned away her face, I pulled it back, Icould hear her heart pounding hard, and she held my neck and we kissed with passion….As we were kissing, and as a no-dulling guy, I found way onto those massive bôobs… Damn they were huge, like giant watermelons….My Jimmy was nodding under….This babe was sharp, she wanted to be bleeped, she unzipped and grabbed the Jim and played with it, like a joystick….I pulled up her top, used two fingers to remove her bra….“Hmm doc you are an expert”Yeah baby…. Were the words that droppedout of my mouth….But those bôobs were so big, round, soft, and yep, still erect, not saggy at all…..I slipped my fingers onto her wet, warm pucci and started fingering her….And she moaned and groaned with the rhythmI carried her up, lifted her onto the bed pulled down her jeggings….And I went down, and Licked her kity like yoghurt….“Oh yeah, doc oooh my… Oooh oooh ueahhh”Seeing that she was ready, I slipped in thejohn Thomas, and rocked her boat slowly, using my crotch to gring her clit, and with each thrust, she shrieked like a baby crying for milk….Then I started pounding her, harder and harder….“Oh, yeah baby, yeah baby, yeah yeah”Now she was calling me baby, from sir to baby, hmmmI remembered I hadn’t sucked those heavy endowments, so I reached for one, and gulped the Tip into my mouth, and used my tongue to make her scream moreWhile using one of my hands to play with the second bosom….And she was enjoying it….. And she couldn’t take it any more….And she had an orgasm…….But she wasn’t done yet, she wanted more. She pushed me away, and turned back…Her black arrrrssse was the bomb!!!I fired her from behind (oh, how I love the k9 style) and she was moaning like a canine…..I first held her shoulders, then I became nasty and I pulled on her braids, while still firing her pushy from behind… And I was playing with her clit with my fingers, all at once…. And she was now literally crying…..And she had another orgasm….But I wasn’t done yet….I held her tiny waist, while seeing our shadows and seeing the image of her massive bôobs jangling over from under…I kept on hitting harder,harder and harder……And that was it….Hot jets of seemen were shooting out of my erect dîck….And she laid down with her arrese in the air….I pulled out the condom I was wearing, tied it and burned it on the stove….While I heard splashes of water in the bathroom…..I walked back into the room and saw her dressing up, she looked at me and smiled,and I smiled back. She walked up to me and kissed me, and said “thanks for making me feel like a woman again”“My pleasure, anytime”I escorted her to the gate and paid for her okada fare….And while I was walking back…..“Doctor”..I looked up and it was that not-too-fine nurse again

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