Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Zeeworld - Monday Update On King Of Hearts Epiosode 418-419

Shabnam wakes up and thinks she isfeeling hungry and need to eat food. She comes out of her room and seesnobody in the house. She wonders where is everyone? She checks in the kitchen and fridge, and finds it empty.

Just then she hears Sid’s voice asking Roshni to have pizza. DD, Kesar, Sid and Roshni have food.Shabnam comes to room and says she is hungry.

DD says you are staying in my house forcibly and asks her to cook food. Door bell rings, Sid says icecream have come. Shabnam receives icecream from the delivery boy and says she will eatit. Sid asks her to eat.

Shabnam suspects him and asks him to eat first. Sid says it is difficult to stoop to your level. He eats the icecream. Shabnam takes the icecream and goes to her room. Sid rushes to his bathroom and goes to spit the icecream. He tells he is making Shabnam taste her own medicine.

Shabnam eats icecream. Sid looks ather from outside. He thinks it will be fun now.Later Shabnam vomits in the washroom. DD and Roshni look at her. DD feels bad for her and asks if Sid have done something. Roshni says Sid is sleeping and he might not have done anything. Shabnam goes to doctor for a check up. Doctor checks her and says I can’t tell you anything now.

He asks her tocome and collect the reports in the morning, and then only he can say. Shabnam asks if there is anything serious. Doctor says let report comes first.Sid sings a song.

DD asks Sid what is going in his mind and asks what ishis plan. She says Shabnam had thatice cream and vomited. Shabnam comes home and asks Lakshmi to send green tea to her room. DD asks Lakshmi not to work for her and asksShabnam to do her own work.

Sid asks DD to calm down and asks Lakshmi to serve her green tea. DD says fine. Shabnam gets angry. Roshni tells DD that very soon she will understand. Shabnam gets vomiting again and asks Lakshmi if there is any home remedy to stop vomiting. Lakshmi says it seems a big disease happened to you.

Sid tells DD that big disease to big disease. DD says it is good. Shabnam gets a report and reads that she is having only food poisoning. She is relieved. Just then she sees report in Roshni’s hand as well and gets doubtful.

Later Shabnam comes to Sid and Roshni’sroom and steal the papers. Sid and Roshni are just pretending to sleep. Sid says Shabnam is trapped. Shabnam reads the report and says Ihave a blood cancer, and this bad people don’t want me to know this so that I couldn’t get my treatment done.

DD tells Sid that this is his plan. Sid says I will torture Shabnam and will make her feel death like experience. DD likes his plan.

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