Saturday, 18 March 2017

ThinTall Tony Make Fun Of Bisola Teeth and Body - BBNaija2017

Big Brother Naija 2017 housemates did their chores during the morning hours of Friday, ThinTallTony took pleasure in making fun of Bisola's teeth and body.

ThinTallTony said Bisola has a big dental formula and that she is Chabby.

Bisola, however, did not take the remark as a joke.
She told ThinTallTony that someone “out there” would love the way she looks.

She said, “You actually rubbed it in my face that I have got big teeth. You could actually rubbed it in my face that I am fat.

“It’s fine. I appreciate it, but somebody out there would love me, love my teeth the way it is, would love my body, would love how fat and big I am.

“Somebody out there would love everything about me. You were laughing, making fun about me but it’s fine.”

*Please tell us what you think about ThinTallTony’s comments on Bisola's body yet a few weeks ago he was enjoying kissing her and touching her body..

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