Tuesday, 14 March 2017

BBNaija2017 - Efe, Tboss, Thin Tall Tony and Debbie Rise are up for possible eviction

The live nomination show just ended, and Efe, Tboss, Thin Tall Tony and Debbie Rise have been put up for possible eviction.

The housemates with the highest nominations were Bally, Tboss and TTT, but Bassey being the Head of House saved Bally and replaced him with Efe.

Marvis then used her power card which gave her power to add another housemate to the list to nominate Debbie Rise, making them four housemates up for eviction.

Bassey nominated Tboss and Bally
Marvis nominated TTT and Tboss
TTT nominated Bally and Efe
Debbie Rise nominated Bally and TTT

Efe nominated Tboss and TTT
Tboss nominated Efe and Marvis
Bally nominated TTT and Tboss
Bisola nominated Tboss and Debbie Rise

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