Monday, 29 May 2017

Story Updates - Doctor vs Patients vs Nurse (18+) Part 7

As I looked at her, i didn’t know whether I should pity her or give her a dirty slap….But as an African man, I had to be in control…..I told her to sit down, and I poured out my mind to her….“Look, you are a gorgeous, Sekxy andheavily endowned lady, and I admire you for that, bit I can’t risk my life over a toto”“Dear, don’t worry, he’ll call anytime he comes, for now I’m all alone, no child, no housegirl, only me to n this big house, so youre in safe hands, don’t worry, nothing will happen to you, I promise….”She kissed me on the lips and excused herself….Now at that time I was the most confused person on earth; a woman, my registrar, a married woman, married to a military man!!! Chaaai, I’m dead suya meat!!!Until I looked up and saw her with only towel, and the next words sent acocktail of adrenalin, testosterone and kokomycin into my brain….“It’s all for you baby”And she dropped the towel, leaving her stark nâk?d body glaring in front of meI didn’t know what commanded me to stand up, put one hand into her glory hole, and my mouth into her bigupright left boooob…..We made ourselves to the sender arest bedroom, as she violently removed the trousers I was wearing….I kissed her entire body down to her vûlvã, and I started licking her clit, and she didn’t hesitate to moan and groan like a lady ready to give birth totriplets at once…I couldn’t help it anymore, my deek was hard, it was ready to fùck, and I parted her legs and forced it in. But she enjoyed it as I forced it…“Oooh, baby, you’re the best!!!”I started pounding her as she was seriously feeling the boy, then I carried both legs up and she enjoyedit more, cos she was now shrieking and giving the facie of a lady that wants it badly….STOOOOOOOP!!!!!And I stopped.“What happened??” I asked“I’m not enjoying this style”She turned back to reveal her seriously massive big bakassi, oh good blessings, I have never seen a yansh bigger than that in my entire life…..“Baby what are u waiting for, its all yours, feel it and put the snake in”And I obeyed like a robot….I slid it in, held er waist and started pounding the arse, and that arrseee didn’t hesitate to bounce and bubble as I hit it hard…

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